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May 17
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May 15
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"Little cardio session today as training hardcore tomorrow morning"
May 15
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May 15
Muay Thai Analyst posted a discussion

Landing Elbows from the Muay Thai Clinch - Video Breakdown

Elbow strikes are some of the most feared weapons in muay thai arsenal. Strikes with the tip of the elbow can cut open your opponent’s forehead. Elbows to the temple and the jaw both have fight ending potential.The most common offensive clinch techniques are knee strikes and sweeps. However, it also possible to land elbows in the clinch even when your arms are engaged, In fact, you can take advantage of certain clinch positions to trap your opponents arms and create openings for elbow…See More
May 14
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May 13
Leo posted a discussion

How does your gym measure student’s progression?

I’ve been wondering this for a while now. How do North American Muay Thai gyms measure student’s progression? Is there a ranking system/belt system, color trunks, arm bands, etc? I know traditional Muay Thai does not have a ranking system, but here in America, people/students need something to strive for. They need a “benefit”, something to gain and the end of the journey. Is there an end to the journey in Muay Thai? Again, I’m referring to here in the US, not in Thailand or anywhere else. 15…See More
May 12
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May 11
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May 8
Leo replied to Leo's discussion How hard do you go when sparing?
"Thanks input Sean. BTW, thank you for your site and podcast. It is really inspirational and a good motivator."
May 6
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May 6
Sean Fagan replied to Leo's discussion How hard do you go when sparing?
"I mix up the intensity of sparring depending on who my training partners are and how my body is feeling. Usually I'd say I go about 50-75% of full speed/power and on occasion I'll ramp it up to 80%+ if I'm working with a solid…"
May 5
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May 3
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May 2
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May 1
Leo posted a discussion

How hard do you go when sparing?

Okay guys. How hard do you go when sparing during a class or training session? I unfortunately don’t go to a Muay Thai gym, instead I attend a studio that offers classes. And like most of these studios, people go there for different reasons. Now, sparing is part of the class and I would say that half the people in the class do not want to spar with me because I either look to mean or go to hard. Most of the guys there attend other (traditional) classes and are now starting in Muay Thai, so they…See More
May 1



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